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Fit Me In is an app that will automatically set up times for you to work out, resulting in one less thing you have to think about during your busy day. Simply sync your calendar or add in your tasks for that day and the app will manage the rest. After using this app regularly, it will start to recognize your habits like where and when you prefer to work out. You can also tell the app where you will be working out, whether it is at home, the gym, the park, etc. It will recognize where you are through location services and will create a calendar that will notify you with an alarm. Fit Me In will let you sync with a list of fit bands so you can track the intensity of your workout. For those who are looking for more help in reaching fitness goals from a professional, this app provides personal training services 24/7 to help you along the way for an affordable fee. The trainers will either schedule a time to meet up with you in person or guide you via the app. This app will also provide personal trainers with their clients progress profile to keep track of how they are doing with their fitness goals.

what I did
- Created idea
- Branding
- Business plan
- Book
- App prototype
- Print media