Maggie Forristall

project profile
ELEGANT, charming, clean, organic

This brand might not look it, but it has a lot of meaning behind it. When I capture individual brands like this one, I enjoy diving into their personalities. Lucky for me, I know Maggie Forristall very well. She is not only the most talented hairstylist I have ever come across, but she is a one of a kind individual. Maggie will never let a bad day get her down. She always sees the sun shinning. She is a bubbly free spirit, she is a brave independent thinker. If I could compare her personality to anything it would be a wildflower without a doubt. By definition, a wildflower is a flower that grows freely, resiliently, and beautifully. Wildflowers find themselves growing anywhere. They grow in the most unlikely of places, even in the darkest of night. They find any cracks and crevices that will allow them to sprout up, and they do just that. They grow despite everyone’s belief that they never would. They allow the rain to heal them, not drench them. With this logo I could have gone the generic route and gave this a typical scissor or a comb symbol to represent her as a stylist, but I see her as much more than a great hairstylist. She has a radiance about her that brings out the most beautiful sides of everyone she comes across. Her wildflower nature is contagious and you can recognize this with every head of hair she touches. The science behind the color choice was to parallel the colors with her character. Having said that, is why I chose the calming natural tones of green and beige. The branding continued with creating fun, eye-catching instagram posts and designing templates for her to use hereafter.