project profile
Places i have worked:
- View point photography (weddings)
- Telephonics (product/airplane)
- Americana In Manhasset (product)
- Lifetimebrands (product/lifestyle)
- Burmax (PRODUCT)

Photography is where it all started. My interest in photography began when I was around 15. My dad got me my first fuji film camera which shortly turned into a digital point and shoot. In 2006 I began freshman year of highschool which was when i joined the photography club. This was a strange time in photography when film was winding down and digital started to become more prevalent. I still hung on to the fact that my father said he would build me a dark room so I purchased a cannon rebel SLR. In sophmore year of highschool I started wilson tech for photography. I was always a huge fan of film until I was introduced to photoshop. I found myself on the computer for hours sometimes forgetting to eat. This is where my love for the adobe suite became a thing. I dipped my toes into Wilson Techs Graphic Design program in my senior year of highschool and that got me prepared and ready for Farmingdales art program shortly after.