The Movement Game

mobility exercise program
project profile
playful, economical

The movement game is a workout program that is focused on primal, instinctive workouts challenging the body through our normal ranges of mobility that we have lost through social conditioning. Most of these workouts are suggested to be outdoors and connected to nature. The brand personality was created to be playful and economical. Handstands are a popular act in the movement culture. I strategically used this symbol as placeholder for the "T" in "the" as well as the "M" in "movement" for that playful feel. I'm typically one for simple design and not so much clutter, but I felt this design was missing something. I needed a subtle element to communicate that "one with nature" feel and this is why I added the tree as a second symbol. I have realized that using two elements in a logo isn't as bad as I originally thought, because It creates more assets to use within the brand as well as making sense for this unique business.