certified home-compostable cling wrap
project profile
Sustainable, environmentally friendly
PROJECTs: Amazon storefront, B+, Social Media GIF

Founded by Jon Reed in 2018, Compostic offers zero-waste, vegan-friendly, 100% home-compostable cling wrap and resealable bags that will break down in your home compost in just 12-24 weeks, faster than an orange peel.

While working at Packable I was assigned multiple projects to enhance Compostics appearance on the amazon marketplace. These projects include: The Amazon Storefront, B+ Content as well as a social media GIF. All of these projects worked together to boost conversion and provide a branded shopping experience throughout the brands entire listing on Amazon.

Amazon Storefront

A storefront is a mini ecommerce website that allows brands to create unique, brand-specific shopping experiences for their customers while still selling products through Amazon to Amazon customers.
View Live storefront

Social Media GIF

This Video/GIF as aimed to showcase the cling wrap over thanksgiving and festive looking food items to tie into seasonality.