Keto Hana

Keto Granola
project profile
Friendly, Transparent, natural
PROJECTs: Amazon storefront including B+ and DSP advertisments

Keto Hana believes in long term food choices, eating clean, health diet shouldn’t be a temporary fix for any person. Keto Hana pride themselves on being very selective about what they produce, so you can feel confident about the ingredients you put into your body. Their granola and snack bars allow you to make decisions on your snacking be it morning, noon or night. Their useful bundle range make it easy to plan out your week if you’re on the move.

While working at Packable I was assigned multiple projects to enhance Keto Hanas appearance on the amazon marketplace. These projects include: The Amazon Storefront, A+ content, and B+ Content. All of these projects worked together to boost conversion and provide a branded shopping experience throughout the brands entire listing on Amazon.

B+ Content

These images will explain the product’s utility in an attractive and visual way. These images are important because they are the first images consumers view about your product on amazon. I have created the B+ for numerous SKUs for this brand, this is showcasing the one of many.
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Amazon Storefront

A storefront is a mini ecommerce website that allows brands to create unique, brand-specific shopping experiences for their customers while still selling products through Amazon to Amazon customers.
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